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The Society wishes to promote an interest in local history especially that of Mount Merrion and its surrounding areas and while the 'Local History' pages in this website contain an amount of history on Mount Merrion we believe there are other stories and details out there waiting to be told. We are appealing to viewers who may have such stories to submit those contributions which we will reproduce in this space. All contributors will be credited.

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Various articles appear in Miscellany Corner. These are written or complied by different authors and the views expressed therein are those of the authors in question and do not or may not necessarily represent the views of the Society.
The name is William Ashford
In the first decade of the 19th century Ashford painted six reasonably large views of and from Mount Merrion Demesne.
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Bonington story - connection with 103 The Rise, Mount Merrion
This article covers the building of the parish church (Church of St Therése) by John du Mulin and the link between his German crane engineer, a Mount Merrion resident, and Sir Chris Bonington, mountaineer/explorer.
Lady Beatrix's Gate lives on
During its tenure in Mount Merion it was believed to have been the gate to the orchard, near what is now the school end of Trees Avenue
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Mount Merrion House
There has always been confusion between Mount Merrion Lodge and Mount Merrion House.
Stanley Woods - a Motorcycling Superstar
Stanley Woods was born in November 1904 and came to live on St. Thomas Road in Mount Merrion as a young man. By then he had established himself as one of the leading race riders in the world.
......
Fitzwilliam Dynasty
- The End of the Line
The purpose of this paper is to chronicle the lives of the last of the Fitzwilliam clan’s connection with Ireland, after 500+ years. The paper was presented as a talk to the Old Dublin Society and was included in their Dublin Historical Record (Vol.70 No.1) Spring/Summer 2017.
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You're Living in 1935
A Supplement entitled 'You're living in 1935' appeared in "Irish Industry" magazine extoling the virtues of an All-Electric Home and featuring a house in Mount Merrion.
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William Orpen statue
The life and times of the Stillorgan born portrait and war artist William Orpen will finally be celebrated with the unveiling of a statue in his honour.
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